What is the ELLA Fellowship?

The ELLA Fellowship offers young women in-depth project development and leadership training while they design and implement a meaningful and ambitious social justice-based project to address a need they have identified in their own community. 

Throughout the nine-month fellowship, each Fellow receives specialized and professionally guided monthly retreats, a budget for project implementation, and the full support of the SNLP community throughout the program. The goals are to expand young women’s understanding of leadership, to deepen their program management skills, and to enhance young women’s confidence, resourcefulness, and creativity, as well as their potential for effective community leadership. ELLA is named for social activist, Ella Baker, and stands for Engage, Learn, Lead and Act. It is also means “she” in Spanish. 


Who should apply?

  • 16 and 22 year old self-identified young women at time of application
  • Have at least 2 years of prior leadership experience
  • Commit to attending monthly retreats in New York City from October to June
  • Identify a mentor to support their community-based work
  • Be a self-motivated, passionate, and committed individual that wants to make change in their community
  • Have a good understanding of a social justice issue affecting their community
  • Desire to develop leadership skills 


How do you apply?

We hope you consider applying to ELLA! The application cycle for ELLA is currently closed, and will open in June 2018. If you would like to receive the application once it is released, fill out this quick form:

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