Executive Director

enthusiastic, literary, idea generating

Chitra Aiyar

Development & Communications Manager

Samra Ghermay

Director of Training

big heart, creative, community-builder

I envision a world where young women can live free from oppression, violence, doubt, and fear.

Lorena Estrella

Director of Programs

freedom fighter, sci-fi nerd, utopian

My vision is that young women feel more brave to challenge the status quo, empowered to question the world around them and more loved so they aren't constantly silenced.

Morgan Little

Director of Operations

Xicana, Feminist, Warrior

The world I want is one where young women of color feel centered, loved, supported, challenged and safe everywhere. A world where we can explore curiosity, grow, and be in community with each other. A world that we try to create at Sadie Nash :)

Margarita Villa

NYC Program Coordinator


Listener, Quirky, Dynamic

I envision a world in which young women of color are liberated from oppression and are able to live in full pursuit of joy, love, and community.

Tiffany Traille

NWK Program Coordinator

CAP & Leadership Institute

fun, fickle, and friendly

Too see and support young women create cross-generational spaces of healing and learning.

Crystal Des-Ogugua

Summer Institute Director

Tenderhearted, Adventurous, Troublemaker

I want young women to feel limitless.

Shan Moten

NYC Program Coordinator


Latinx, thoughtful, resilient

I envision young women's leadership to be grounded in a safer community, to be shameless, and a kind of leadership that celebrates their whole self and pushes the world to listen to all they have to say.

Bonnibel Rosario

Director of Development

Director of Development

Esther Alix

NWK Program Coordinator


Calm, Curious, Understanding

I have a vision for young women to use their knowledge and compassion to create safe spaces where their presence commands attention and they are unapologetically themselves. I want young women to take advantage of their power within to be the change they want to see and lead as an example for those younger and older.

Kira Antoine

Deputy Director

Deputy Director

                            Darcy Richie