Executive Director

enthusiastic, literary, idea generating

Chitra Aiyar

Newark Site Director

big heart, creative, community-builder

I envision a world where young women can live free from oppression, violence, doubt, and fear.

Lorena Estrella

NYC Site Director

Xicana, Feminist, Warrior

The world I want is one where young women of color feel centered, loved, supported, challenged and safe everywhere. A world where we can explore curiosity, grow, and be in community with each other. A world that we try to create at Sadie Nash :)

Margarita Villa

Leadership Fellow

bruja, Bronxite, and feminist

I want young women to chase their joy without fear. I want young women to see that their very essence is love and that everything they do should come from that.

Karolina Castro

Social Worker

Lover of Adventure

I envision an equitable world that is loving and limitless. 

LaKesh Abreu

Newark College Coordinator

bubbly, encourager, list-maker

I envision a world where young women are free - and encouraged! - to explore their identities and be their full selves unapologetically. In this, world young women feel loved and supported and know that failure is a natural part of life, so that they are emboldened to think and create and live as brilliantly as they want.

Leslie Clark

Leadership Fellow

Child-like, In-Process, and the word "Yaaassss"

I want young womxn's leadership to be encouraged, supported, and celebrated on all social and institutional levels. I want young womxn to be able to have the capacity, space, and imagination to create their own leadership style and mode of being that is not inhibited by fear, the threat or reality of violence, or the pressure to fit into a respectable mold.

Ramelcy Uribe

Program Coordinator

Tenderhearted, Adventurous, Troublemaker

I want young women to feel limitless.

Shan Moten

NYC College Coordinator

Absorbent, Analytical, Aquarius

I want a world where young women feel they have the ability and support to access their own power and depth of being, thereby creating worlds, in which they would like to live.

Sophia Mak