Sadie Nash’s programs seek to address the lack of representation of female leadership and to create accountable, ethical, cooperative and effective models of leadership.

The program accomplishes this by offering opportunities to:

1. examine and explore their own leadership and the leadership of others,

2. analyze and address the systems of oppression and internalized oppression within communities,

3. support each other as they pursue social change in their communities

4. identify and challenge accepted and traditional notions of leadership, and

5. work to address the barriers facing their leadership by identifying their own needs and solutions to those needs.

In these ways, not only does SNLP advocate for and work towards systemic change but also these young female leaders support and nurture leadership in each other, while also demanding change in their communities, and in their lives.

Sadie Nash Programs:

1. Two-year Leadership Program for young women ages 14-19 including:
• Summer Institute
• Community Action Placement (CAP)
• Leadership Action Projects (LAP)

2. ELLA (engage, learn, lead, act) a fellowship program for young women ages 16-22 who want to begin social justice projects in their communities.

3. Leadership Institute is a year-long, after-school program for young women ages 14-19. Two classes meet twice a week and focus on community building and intensive leadership development.

4. Sadie Nash Partnership Program provides an opportunity for schools and community based organizations to bring a customized leadership class to the young women they work with.

5. Sadie Nash Newark replicates our successful NYC model and is supported by a strong partnership with Rutgers-Newark. SNN currently engages 30 young women in summer and school-year leadership programming.