Sadie Nash is designed to guide young women through a process in which they come to understand the importance of their individual life experiences, and how these experiences can be applied to taking action and making change. We are an educational and advocacy program that provides young women the opportunity to analyze and explore the very nature of leadership.  

Our philosophy, which is our guiding force, is built on the following beliefs:

  • that the foundation of leadership lies in service and activism
  • that positive reform will result from challenging accepted notions of leadership
  • and that young women can be a catalyst for social change.

When these components are present, SNLP is effective.

Through our unique structure, the Sadie Nash Leadership Project community—the young women, staff, and Board—seeks to examine and challenge unequal power dynamics based on different systems of oppression.  The young women of SNLP work together to understand and alter the undemocratic culture and structure of society and to improve the lives of those, including themselves and their communities, who have been marginalized or oppressed.