Jasmine Wahi pic.png

Jasmine, a Host Committee member, is founder and co-director of Project for Empty Space, a non-profit dedicated to bringing socially engaged and participatory projects to a multitude of communities through the utilization of abandoned and unusual urban spaces.

How did Sadie Nash come onto your radar?
I first encountered the organization when a group of Nashers from Newark visited Project for Empty Space’s gallery several years ago to take in an exhibition about femme empowerment.

Why are you passionate about Sadie Nash?
Growing up, I wish I had a place where my nascent activism could have been fueled amongst other girls who looked like me and were like-minded! One that encouraged STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) over just STEM, and encouraged critical-,  intersectional-, and multi-centered thinking!

I see the impact Sadie Nash’s programs can have on today’s girls. They have confidence in being GoC and also in uplifting others. I hope others see the value in investing in girls of color, too.  Supporting young women is to all of our advantage and betterment!

What BOLD ask are you making of yourself in 2019?
My bold ask is to be accountable —  both to others and myself. I’m striving to uphold the promises I make to myself and to follow through on supporting organizations not just by saying, but also by doing. We're in a moment where the phrase actions speak louder than words rings deafeningly.