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Brian is a management consultant with over 15 years of top-tier technology and change management experience working for numerous Fortune 500 companies. He is a member of our Host Committee who is excited to provide mentorship advice to new leaders.

Why did Sadie Nash catch your eye?
The work that Sadie Nash does with young women of color is truly inspiring. Helping cultivate new young leaders, especially ones of color, is vitally important, and being able to assist in that process is fulfilling. Growing up I did not feel I had anyone that looked like me to help guide me into the next phases of my life, like college, internships, and early career experiences. We should all explore what we can do to help young people have chances to reach their goals.

What advice do you have for people looking to identify ways they can help develop young people into leaders?  
Recognize that you were in that young person’s shoes at one point in your life, and ask yourself what would you have benefited from learning or hearing. Using that as a baseline creates a sense of humility that can be a great starting point in creating a mentor/mentee relationship. And remember to tell about failures you’ve had in addition to successes. This gives young leaders a roadmap for upcoming challenges.  

If you could give your 16 year old self a piece of advice, what would it be?
Never be afraid to ask questions, and always keep humility as a core competency of yourself.

And what if your 16 year old self could give current day you some advice?
Take a moment to celebrate your successes and share them with the people close to you. As we move through life taking care of the necessities, we at times forget or overlook the accomplishments that we work so hard to obtain.