Meet Joy & Liberation host committee member JENNIFER JOSEPHSON!

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Jennifer is a Joy and Liberation Host Committee member collaborating with Sadie Nash on marketing, market research, and corporate sponsorship strategy.

How did you become involved with Sadie Nash?

While working at Deutsche Bank in 2013, I was the project manager for the Women on Wall Street (WOWS) conference where Sadie Nash was awarded a grant. I was taken with their mission. Soon after, I met Nashers during an inaugural job shadowing day at Deutsche Bank. High school students were matched with members of WOWS who led them through the day of an employee, giving insight into the world of banking. I was inspired by Nashers’ comfort with themselves and willingness to share their experiences with us that day.

Tell us more about the work you’re doing for the upcoming Joy and Liberation.

I’m working to identify businesses to become involved with Sadie Nash Leadership Project as corporate sponsors. So far I’ve reached out to 8 that I think would be a great fit! Narrowing and directing this search means figuring out which organizations have a potential synergy with SNLP because of their organizational mission, values, or initiatives. Then I figure out who I should make my ask to and how to reach them.

What advice do you have for people looking to use their networks to help with this project?

A good starting point? Brainstorm all the companies in your circle, both those that you work with professionally and those where you know an employee. See if there are any natural synergies. It might not be obvious from a company’s work that a Sadie Nash partnership would be a good fit, but dig below the surface to find out about employee initiatives, such as a women’s mentoring program, that indicate a willingness to support Sadie Nash’s mission.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some companies ask partners to donate personally to causes. So even if a business can’t come aboard as a sponsor, you may still be able to recruit high-level support from individuals associated with that organization.

Look for your point of entry!

Why should others join us at Joy and Liberation?

If you’re looking to develop new leaders who will lead our communities and country well, invest in Nashers. I am impressed by their confidence, and the strength they derive from community and sisterhood is incredible. They're amazing.