Meet Joy & Liberation Host Committee Member Lubna Shamsi!

Lubna Shamsi.jpg

Lubna is Administrative Director at Mount Sinai Health System and a member of our Joy and Liberation Host Committee.

How did you get involved with Sadie Nash?

Five years ago a friend brought me to a Sadie Nash networking event. I fell in love with its focus on community and its vision to uplift and empower young women to build identity together. I then joined the Leadership Council and served as a mentor to Nashers applying to college.

What makes Sadie Nash special?

Sadie Nash teaches young women to never take no for an answer. There’s a sense of purpose and a focus on giving back and improving your community. These things are fundamental. Sadie Nash develops leaders and asks them to think about the larger world and make sure the people around them are taken care of.

Why do you support Sadie Nash?

I believe fiercely in two things: healthcare and education. I believe these two things are fundamental rights that enable someone to be successful. I became the primary caregiver to my grandmother in my twenties and it made me realize how important access to quality healthcare and the ability to navigate its complex web are. I support Sadie Nash because it supports Nashers’ education in a crucial way and guides them in thinking critically about pressing issues like access to quality healthcare and education equality.

As the daughter of immigrants and a minority, I know how valuable a strong female presence is. I was lucky to have my mother who I strive to emulate. In turn, I would like to serve as a mentor, a role model, and an advocate for the brave, brilliant young women that participate in Sadie Nash.