Meet Joy & Liberation host committee member Lawrence Dunlap!

Lawrence Dunlap.jpg

Lawrence is founder of The Dunlap Group, (TDG) a global consulting firm that partners with socially thoughtful brands, and is a Host Committee Member for Joy and Liberation.

Why do you support Sadie Nash?
Sadie Nash’s work aligns with my values; I have dedicated a large part of my mission work to supporting and educating our youth, and Sadie Nash does much needed work directed in our neighborhoods to improve socio-economic and educational opportunities.

What inspires you about today’s young people?
They bring the truth to you, no matter if it’s good or bad. They will speak to you honestly and have you thinking about the decisions you make. We have to be direct in finding ways to engage them, and Sadie Nash excels at that.

What BOLD ask are you making of yourself and your community in 2019?
I just obtained my certification as a substitute teacher to effect direct change and serve as a mentor for our youth. I ask that we, as a community, try to find the best way we can contribute, whether it’s through financial assistance or being on the ground in communities and classrooms.

Why should people join us at Joy and Liberation?
Everyone should support Sadie Nash at the Joy and Liberation fundraiser to learn more about the exciting programs they have in place and to witness a grassroots organization effecting change directly in the communities they work in!