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Kimberly is a Sadie Nash Board Member, Joy and Liberation Host Committee Member, Stay-At-Home-Mom to four young children, and an advocate of meaningful spaces to learn and grow.

Tell us more about why you support Sadie Nash! Why are you passionate about our work?
I believe that learning to lead requires exposure to others who set a strong example. I am inspired by Sadie Nash’s directive to provide leadership lessons to women, particularly those young women who might otherwise not have been encouraged to think of themselves as leaders. And, as in a symbiotic relationship, Sadie Nash also has supported my own journey beyond my role as mother, helping me find my own voice and inspiring me to continue to improve myself and, by extension, the world around me. They’ve given me the confidence to know I don’t have to be perfect: I just have to be, show up, and take part.

What’s special about Sadie Nash programming?
You get to hear from the young Nashers directly about their experiences and concerns. They voice these things and don’t have to filter them. That’s part of the ethos of the organization. And it gives you insight into Sadie Nash in terms of showcasing how we should treat the girls we support. It’s empowering that they have this space. I wish I had something like it growing up.

Why should others join us for An Evening of Joy and Liberation?

The night’s format lends itself to understanding Nashers’ concerns, and in that way we get an insight into the minds of the young women that we serve. Come to Joy and Liberation and you’ll leave feeling inspired!