Meet Summer Institute Faculty Ibi Zoboi

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Applications are due for Summer Insitute Faculty on May 1st. To give you a sense of what teaching at Sadie Nash is like, we are doing a series of short interviews with past faculty, members of the community we lovingly refer to as #Nashfam. Meet writer Ibi Zoboi, author of the National Book Award finalist American Street and editor of Black Enough, an anthology of stories of what its like to be young and Black in America. Ibi taught at the New York City Summer Institute in 2008 and 2009 (back in the days before the Brooklyn and Queens Summer Institutes had started). She designed and taught two academic elective classes: Love Goddesses & War Heroines: Female Archetypes in World Mythology and The Politics of Mothering.

What was your experience like teaching at Summer Institute?

I loved interacting with the young people and exposing them to ideas that they might not have had in their schools. I also learned a lot about feminist ideas and social justice issues by being on the faculty. I remember how eye-opening those training sessions were for me.

Did the experience teaching at Summer Institute influence your current work? If so, how?

Absolutely! I write for teens and children and I feature strong, resilient, independent, super smart girls in my stories--all of which are qualities that are inherent in Nashers.

Would you encourage others to apply to teach at Summer Institute?

Yes! If you are passionate about social justice issues and instilling confidence in young girls, please share your art, your voice, and your time. Being part of SNLP will stir your creativity and passion.

Thank you Ibi!


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