The Dean Leadership Training program is a unique, cohort based internship experience that runs parallel to our award winning Summer Institute program.  The dean position offers college-aged women a unique nine-week opportunity to merge theory and practice around youth work, leadership, and social change by serving as facilitators, mentors, and counselors to young women in high school attending our Summer Institute program. Through the dean leadership training program, participants will gain hands on feminist youth work skills in a fun, dynamic, and challenging atmosphere. Each Summer we bring together 25 deans from around the country to build community and redefine leadership with the youth of Sadie Nash!


Who should apply? 

Self identified women (this includes folks who identify as trans, gender fluid, and gender nonconforming) in their Junior/Senior year of college or 3-4 years out of high school.


How do you apply? 

We hope you consider applying to the Dean Leadership Training Program! The application cycle for the Dean Leadership Training Program is currently open! If you would like to apply to be a dean fill out the application Here!

The deadline to apply is January 28, 2018.



90% of deans feel inspired to bring lessons back to their campus and/or community

80% have gained skills that are helpful for future employment /education

90% feel a sense of sisterhood


Quotes from 2017 Deans:

"It was the perfect transition out of college! I am truly grateful for the love and wisdom I received from my directors, deans, and Nashers. The energy and healing that I gained from this summer will continue on with me as I continue to pursue social justice in other arenas!"

"I learned that a feminist politic cannot be created in a vacuum, and we need multiple voices and perspectives to have a truly intersectional movement."

"I learned how to accept my feelings, not invalidate them, and just really understand what loving myself looks like. I grew more confident in my leadership and most importantly, myself. I was so scared to meet the Nashers and be in the SNLP space because I felt I couldn't do a good job. I was constantly and consistently supported by my Dean sisters, sending me love and affirmations when I needed it, but also a good reality check when I wasn't being authentic with myself."