petticoat award recipient

In the winter of 1902, the great-grandmother of SNLP Founder Cecilia Clarke, Virginia “Sadie” Nash, made the papers when she lifted her skirt on a crowded trolley car in Nebraska and removed her petticoat to wrap it around a freezing infant. Her action garned attention locally and in the national press.

SNLP draws its name and inspiration from Sadie Nash and her impulse to take action, brush convention aside, and lead by example. Our annual Petticoat Award recipient embodies this bold leadership.



Sabrina Hersi Issa is a human rights technologist committed to leveraging technological innovation as a tool to unlock opportunity and dignity for all. She is the founder of Survivor Fund, a political fund focused on championing the rights of survivors of sexual violence. As Chief Executive Officer, Sabrina leads Be Bold Media a global digital agency that works with organizations and campaigns on strategic transformation initiatives, policy innovation and movement-building. The firm leads award-winning innovative work building technology and media for healthcare, press freedom, humanitarian relief and refugee services. Sabrina also serves as Chief Operating Officer and General Partner at Jump Canon, a venture capital firm for diverse, unconventional and spectacular founders.